Similarities and Discrepancies of Avodart and Propecia

avodart vs propeciaConsidering Avodart and Propecia as male hair loss treatments, it is important to notice that despite a slightly different way of the action, both drugs produce a powerful desirable effect. The preparations are used to slow down the hair loss process. Besides, both drugs are equally appreciated for their pharmaceutical properties and aid in the battle against premature hair loss. However, the main difference between the two potent medications is in their legal status. Propecia is an officially approved by the US Food and Drug Administration treatment of hair loss issue. Despite Avodart can sometimes be prescribed to treat the condition, it is the medication of off-label use, as it is approved by the FDA to be a treatment of an enlarged prostate.

History of the Treatment Establishment

The common fact that unites the medications is their history. Both Propecia and Avodart have been initially created as benign prostatic hyperplasia medication, but in the course of its development, Propecia gets another prescription. Currently, the medication is approved as a hair loss preparation, while Avodart has preserved its baseline.

Features, Peculiarities and Functions of Propecia and Avodart

Another similarity between the two treatments is their action. Both drugs produce a drastic impact on the organism, preventing the conversion of testosterone into DHT. Such a process helps to warn both hair loss and prostate enlargement, but the action depends on the concentration of active ingredients, thus, the power of the effect. Being a stronger medication, Avodart does not only eliminate the risk of hair loss, but also improves prostate issues, while Propecia is effective just as a solution of hair problem.

Duration of Propecia and Avodart Influence

One of the essential points that make the medication valuable is the length of their action. This peculiarity serves, actually, the main difference between Propecia and Avodart. While Propecia remains in the organism for around a day or two, Avodart is reported to stay in the system for a couple of months, producing a preferable effect.

Warnings and Safety Concerns

The very important feature that is characteristic for both medications is that they can be taken by men only. Women and children must not administer the medications. Moreover, pregnant women are not recommended even to touch the capsules, since they may cause diverse birth defects and complications in unborn children.

Price and Other Considerations

The money issue is also an important factor while making a decision. Avodart is considered to be more costly medication, as its 90-day supply costs around $350, while the same Propecia supply is equal to $180. However, the desirable influence the medications provide and their effects sometimes are even more valuable and significant than the price.