Detailed Comparison of Proscar and Avodart

avodart vs proscarNowadays, many men are familiar with the problem of losing their hair. If you’re one of them, you should understand how to solve it effectively, and the good news is that there are some treatments that can help you. For example, Avodart and Proscar are some of the most popular options to treat hair loss in men, so be sure to find out more about the main ins and outs of their intake to choose the right one for your needs.

Important Facts and Details

Basically, both Proscar and Avodart work in a similar manner when combating hair loss, but there are certain differences that should be taken into consideration if you want to compare these medications. Take a look at Proscar because this medicine contains 5 mg of finasteride, and it can be prescribed by doctors to treat enlarged prostate. What about Avodart? Keep in mind that it’s a hair loss medication that contains dutasteride, and it was initially designed as an effective treatment for prostatic hyperplasia.

Existing Differences and Similarities

The key similarity is that both Avodart and Proscar work by preventing testosterone from being transformed into DHT, which is attached to hair follicles, thus, causing them to shrink over time (this is what prevents new hair from growing). However, there is one major difference between these drugs, and that’s because Proscar can inhibit only Type 2 5-alpha reductase, while Avodart is the first hair loss medication that inhibits both types from converting into DHT. This means that Avodart is more effective in terms of decreasing DHT levels in your body. Pay attention to the studies that prove that this medicine helps patients reduce their DHT levels up to 90%, unlike Proscar that helps them lower these levels up to 70%. This ability proves that Avodart is more powerful when it comes to treating hair loss in men.

dutasteride of finasteride?Besides, there is another important difference between these drugs, and it’s all about the length of their effectiveness. For patients who prefer Proscar, remember that its active ingredient will stay in the body for around 1 day, while Avodart can remain in your system for a few months.

It’s worth mentioning that Avodart is more expensive, so that if you have a limited budget, you may decide to consider Proscar as your hair loss treatment. Don’t forget that both medications are designed to be used only by male patients, and it’s not advised to be taken by women, even for the same health condition. For pregnant female patients, it’s not allowed to touch these pills because of possible serious birth defects in their unborn babies.

If you want to donate your blood, you should wait for 6 months before taking this step because Avodart may remain in your bloodstream. This warning is important to prevent pregnant women from receiving your blood with the traces of this medication.

Finally, if you still can’t make the right choice, it’s necessary to go to your physician and talk about giving both meds a try. You need to disclose any information about your current medical condition, other drugs and health problems that you have to choose the safest and most effective way to treat hair loss, either with Avodart or Proscar.