Avodart Effect on Hair Growth

Since the medication has not been officially approved as a hair loss treatment, it can be used only off-label to produce such results. The main action of Avodart is aimed at warning of prostate cancer and benign prostate cancer development. However, belonging to a group of enzyme 5 alpha-reeducates inhibitors, the preparation helps achieve the desirable result concerning hair loss, too. Inhibiting both type I and II enzyme, the medication produces a much more drastic effect compared to its counterparts, though also produces an increased number of possible side effects.

Since the second type of enzyme is found mainly in the hair follicle, and the first type is sebaceous glands and scalp, Avodart stimulates a powerful positive impact on the hair, its growth and strength.

Avodart Precautions and Contraindications

dutasteride & baldnessTo administer Dutasteride safely and experience its positive effects, one should consider the basic rules and instructions that contribute to the great positive results appearance without any complications. Striving to get the most of the treatment one should consult a doctor first. Probably, a few blood tests will be required, as they are inevitable for proper dose and strength adjustment. Provide your healthcare specialist with all the information concerning the diseases, complications and disorders you have to eliminate the risks of meeting contraindications. Additionally, tell your doctor about other medication courses you are taking to prevent undesirable drug interactions. These key precautions should be taken into account while planning Avodart treatment:

  1. The medication is for male use only. Women and children should not administer it. Since the drug is potent to produce severe birth defects, pregnant women should not even handle the capsules to eliminate possible risks for the health of an unborn child.
  2. Those patients under Dutasteride treatment course should not donate blood during the preceding 6 months to prevent possible side effects the pharmaceutical can stimulate in other people.
  3. Males allergic to the active component of the drug or similar medicines should not start the course.
  4. Men with serious liver damages, heart problems, high blood pressure and a range of other conditions should avoid Avodart treatment if possible or take it in the smallest doses available.

how to cure hair lossHow to Administer Avodart and Benefit from It?

Even though the medication is not commonly prescribed for hair loss treatment, it should be taken carefully to prevent other possible influences of the medication on the organism. Avodart should be used right as recommended by the medical specialist. Keep administering the medication even if it seems ineffective: the first positive results may appear only after a few months of the treatment course.

Do not increase or decrease the recommended dose to avoid the drug misuse and overuse with the following side effects. Seek emergency medical aid if you have noticed any severe allergic reactions after Dutasteride intake, such as swelling, hives, itching and others. Call your doctor if you experience low libido, erectile dysfunction, breast tenderness or enlargement, etc.