Avodart – First Aid against Testosterone Conversion

avodart prospectAvodart, also known as Dutasteride, is one of the most required medications when it comes to the problem of testosterone conversion into dihydrotestosterone in the organism. Since DHT is actively involved in the benign prostatic hyperplasia development, such processes should be stopped at early stages. Avodart is the exact medication to prevent such a transformation, treat BPH in men suffering from an enlarged prostate and improve the urinary flow. Besides, such a complex action of the drug helps to reduce the necessity of prostate surgery in the future.

reviewAdditionally, Avodart can be combined with other preparations for a more powerful effect and improved action. Besides, a doctor may recommend the medication for other conditions, not listed in the medicine guide.

Avodart Administration: Doses, Instructions, Safety Concerns

Since Avodart is offered mainly in the capsule form of 0,5 mg, it is the usual daily dose. The strength of the medication will depend on the condition severity, though it should be prescribed by the doctor only. Consult your healthcare provider to ensure Avodart is safe for your health, will not produce adverse reactions and negative influences on essential body functions. Provide a medical specialist with the information about diseases you have. Do not start Avodart treatment course if you are allergic to the ingredients of the medication or similar drugs. Besides, the preparation should not be used by children and women.

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Avodart administration can increase the risk of prostate cancer development, so it’s important to follow all the doctor’s directions to make the medication course beneficial and safe. Take the preparation just as prescribed, without any changes. Do not increase the dose, even if you feel the recommended one is not effective. Do not stop Avodart intake even if the symptoms improve.

Once you have missed one dose, take it when you remember, though skip it if the next scheduled one should be used soon. Never increase and double Avodart dose. Seek emergency medical assistance if you have noticed any signs of drug misuse or overuse (allergic reactions, impotence, decreased libido, breast enlargement and others).

avodart capsules 0.5 mgBrand vs. Generic Avodart

Avodart is the medication demanded worldwide. Its positive influence on the organism is approved both clinically and by its customers. However, the high price of brand pills makes the treatment course too expensive for the vast majority of patients. The solution of this issue has been created together with the investigation of generic Avodart. The same active components are used in the generic variant of the medication, though reduced expenses on logistics, brand name, advertising, etc. make the preparation affordable.

Generic Avodart is produced by the most reliable and time-tested manufacturers, so that customers can enjoy the same potent effect at a much more reasonable and competitive price.